Inspiring the virtual space movement

When you trap a bunch of creators and tech hackers in the middle of a pandemic who feel stuck, zoom fatigued, and are obsessed with productivity tools - they create LifeAt.

LifeAt is building a new world of virtual spaces powered by a growing productivity community and creators across the world (180+ countries). The team is obsessed with GenZ culture with experience working in Fortune 500 companies like Google, Vimeo, Tableau, etc. and connected to universities like Stanford, Uni of Washington, and more.

LifeAt is backed by Y-Combinatorโ€

LifeAt Team

With multiple years of building products together, our compact team has experience in creating multiple brands on social media, Kickstarter launches, and social good projects that have been used by millions.

Team quick facts: 5/7 GenZ, 4/7 have a Master's in Human Center Design &ย Engineering or MBA, 4/7 studied computer science, 170K social media followers in personal accounts (not including the 400K+ followers from LifeAt).

LifeAt Community Mods

Our power users have helped LifeAt become a powerhouse of a community from all around the world from: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, UK, US, Vietnam, and much more!

Details and FAQ

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Please reach out to with your resume and written email why you want to work at LifeAt. We are always looking for full-stack developers, and creators.

What does LifeAt want to become?

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